My Story

I am an interdisciplinary artist currently working on ways to contribute to community and solidarity-building art practices. In my professional work, I partner with artists, schools, non-profits and commercial businesses to create murals. (follow the link below to learn more!) Performance and theater was my first love, film-making and prop-making my second by proxy. Now I'm attempting to take those skills and translate them into broader uses to solve bigger problems! 

I'm terribly afraid of making things that add to the clutter of information or cause unintentional harm. Or fall flat. My main guideline when creating is to base whatever it is on research, insight and a deep sense of care. 

Here is a link to a mural project I have worked on since 2012, but have recently taken more of a leading role in:

Please check out my blog for more insight on what I am currently thinking about. When I remember to update and track my thoughts.