Below are a series of performances written and performed by myself, or with other artists I have had the opportunity to work with in Baltimore. I'm incredibly grateful to share ideas with the artists in this town, every encounter makes me a better thinker and encourages growth. I have gravitated towards performance that centers around gender and sexuality, radical movement, and explorations between the body, the state, technology, and popular culture. Those topics are incredibly broad but until I write more of my own material, that's all I want to say about it for now. 


various projects

I don't have the best documentation for many of the projects I was not in control of, however I'll list them and talk about the few I do have images of. Documentation ends up being the actual piece so much more than the live performance at the end of the day if we want to get the support artists need to continue to make work. I just got a camera that takes decent photographs after four years of using my phone. Here's to learning how to use it and accurately document happenings without the act of documentation getting too much in the way. 

From left to right: Mondo Fest, a short play directed by Jake Budenz, summer 2015. Left Hand of Darkness, directed by Evan Moritz of Annex Theater, winter 2013. One Minute Play Festival, series of short plays directed by Jared Margulies, spring 2014 at EMP Collective. Performances not shown: Rooms Fall Apart, organized and co-directed by Ada Pinkston, Sophia Mac, Victor Torres, Pilar Diaz, and Person Ablach, 2013 at Maryland Art Place. 

photos of Mondo Fest by Dave Iden, photos of Left Hand of Darkness by Melina Giorgi


Solar Solipsis

In the summer of 2012, I participated in one of FLUCT's first Baltimore-based movement pieces, co-directed by Monica Mirabile and Sigrid Lauren, based on the album under the same name by Salamander Wool. Working with five key choreographers and 20 dancers, all seriously talented individuals, we explored a wide range of "emotive consciousness" that coordinated with the sun cycle, rehearsing for several weeks at the CopyCat building, where the opening night was to occur on the hottest day of the year. Our bodies gave way to the heat in our minds and I will never forget the energy in that packed warehouse space, engulfed by the sound of fans and pouncing, dissonant sounds that were designed to call upon the weight of nature. 

photos by VJP Photo. This was one of 12 dances. Other performers in these images are Katie Lang, Sophia Mac, Madeline Tess Peters and Jordan Kasey


Dear Martha

Dear Martha is a short film written, directed, produced and performed by myself in my final year of undergrad at MICA  in 2012.  Inspired by artists like Jennifer Montgomery, who re-envisioned the horror film Deliverance to be an absurdist feminist re-telling of motherhood called Deliver,  new marketing campaigns critiquing female sexuality and the subtle queer power behind ubiquitous female icons in mainstream broadway films, written about by Stacy Wolf in A Problem Like Maria and Judith Halberstam in The Queer Art of Failure. Themes of reappropriation and queering the mainstream have followed me since then, but never have they been so blatantly demonstrated. Recently I have been examining more the art of failure than queerness as an identity and the inherent connection between the queer alternative, unhuman design, capitalism, and utopia.