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Rhymes With Opera: Adams Run

Hi! I am so excited to announce that I will be designing prop and set pieces for Rhymes With Opera's newest production: a filmed opera! called Adams Run. Screenings coming to you in Spring 2016. 

Screenplay written by Baynard Woods, and music composed by Ruby Fulton. There are a bunch of talented folks that are going to make this dreamy, "dark comedy set amidst wild weather" opera come to life! (hint: it takes place about 10 years from now when climate change has driven people to build their own arcs and the only thing to watch on tv is the Weather Channel) 

Please consider watching our Indiegogo campaign and donating if you support original, socially and environmentally conscious, cross-disciplinary theater! Any small amount helps. 

Indiegogo Campaign: Adams Run Trailer


Later Event: January 25
Light City