After graduating art school with a degree in Interdisciplinary Sculpture, over the past few years I have had  a growing interest in editorial illustration and graphic design. I needed to do something that did not exist as an object, where I could focus on concept and aesthetic and flex my drawing skills without having to worry about technical functionality.  Here are a few projects I picked up along the way. Many more to come soon! 


Collective Action for Safe Spaces Poster Series: SAFE BARS

CASS, based in DC, commissioned me to illustrate 5 portraits of female-identified people who are most targeted by public harassment. These posters hang in bars that have undergone intervention training to protect customers from harassment inside and outside the bar. 


Digital Illustration

Various pieces completed for projects 2015-2016, mostly with pen and ink and digital coloring. 


Spectrum Studio Business Card

I created 20 small painting backgrounds for my mural studio's business card. Along with designer Billy Mitchell, who designed the lay out, and Daniel Shultz, who designed the logo, we put together a unique, artful card with a smooth, matte finish, rounded corners and a bold typeface to complement the subtle, hand-painted compositions. Billy also designed Spectrum Studio's website at

.Below are a few examples:

Fall 2015


Annex Theater Gala logo

In the fall of 2015, Annex Theater asked me to design an image for their first gala's poster lay out. The gala was titled "Metamfiesi", so I took inspiration from Venetian mask imagery and combined that with the Annex Theater's existing logo, while adding a touch of the theater's own futuristic, dystopian flair.