First post!

Today is the first day I have considered having my own website representing myself as an artist since graduating from art school in 2012. I initially decided that I would never have a website, that I didn't want to define and market myself to build a career in art.

Instead, I spent three years working on other people's projects, which I found incredibly fulfilling, and got small jobs and opportunities by word of mouth. I still believe that's the best way to work with wonderful people on exciting projects, but! There's comes a time when you have to stop and think about where you are going next- and often you need to reflect on where you are coming from to best decide how to move forward. This website is a way to publish a collection of what I have done and who I have been to cull it all in one location and reflect on it's impression. Really it's a chance to see and feel the chasm between how my time is actually spent, and how I envision or desire my time to be spent. 

So! I'm excited to see how its use changes and grows in step with my own fluctuations. I might abandon it as soon as it's complete because it will feel irrelevant at that point...but you all know I'm desperately trying to build my online presence so at least something exists that convinces  people I'm a real person, maybe even a real artist. Or something similar.

There is 26 inches of snow obscuring the view from my second story window right now. Perhaps that's the real reason this website exists. Oh, Timing!